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What is Virtual Reality?

VR or Virtual Reality is one of the finest forms of gaming ever in the history of human being.

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Future of Gaming

Speaking of another trend aside from virtual reality, augmented reality comes in.

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VR in Filmmaking

Another field where virtual reality currently made changes is the field of filmmaking.

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May 8, 2017 9:10 am

Virtual Realty: Application for Our Homes

singVisiting a hotel, an apartment, choosi a car … in a helmet or a case. Virtual reality is no longer a gadget: it is now an argument to convince consumers

The entrance is bright. A small corridor leads to the living room. On each side, doors. On the right are those of the bedroom and the bathroom. To the left, the toilets. I am visiting a two-room apartment in New York that is not yet out of the ground.

How? With a virtual reality headset.

a vr headset kitAs the apartment is furnished and decorated, it allows to realize the volume and the place. The American kitchen opened on the living room and its large gray sofa makes you want to stroll there. The spacious bedroom with its dark parquet floor and dressing room makes you want to sleep. After about a dozen minutes, the tour ends. I get disoriented, almost nauseous. Difficult to escape from a virtual world to come back to reality, the real one.

Relooking a house using virtual reality.

Like many home renovation companies such as Ikea, other companies have decided to embark on the virtual and augmented reality wagon to reinvent interior design.

Visualizing the house of one’s dreams with only the imagination and the ability to convey to architects and designers what one imagines can represent a real challenge that some companies hope to simplify through virtual reality.

Decorilla is an American company that has decided to bet everything in advanced technologies to design the interiors of its customers. After sending photographers to take pictures of the parts to be reworked and discussed with the customer’s ideas, the company will build 3D vision of it and then send it a simple email containing the final rendering. The buyer has only to put on his glasses of virtual reality and observe by himself the rendering and thus to realize whether it corresponds to his expectations, and if it is the case, is it That his vision was the right one.

House VR Cleaning?

I know cleaning your house is a boring chore than not a lot of us enjoy these days especially when working all day and with only 2 free days left over the weekend!

But imagine for a second, being able to visualize in advance how you are going the clean your home and arrange the spacing with the help of amazing VR. Pretty cool?

A lot of businesses are developing smart Apps to help their clients with the home cleaning needs. For example, let’s say you need to hire the services of a cleaning company to pressure or steam clean your outdoor area or your interior space. With the help of VR technology, companies will be able to assess your area and thus allowing them to give you the most accurate quote possible for the job!

imagine controlling a vaccum cleaner through a VR headset
Imagine controlling a vacuum cleaner through a VR headset

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April 6, 2017 2:29 am

Introduction on Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that plunges a person into a digitally created artificial world. It should not be confused with augmented reality.

It can be a reproduction of the real world or an entirely imaginary universe. The experience is both visual, auditory and, in some cases, haptic with the production of a return of effects. When the person is equipped with the appropriate interfaces, such as gloves or clothes, they can experience certain sensations related to the touch or certain actions (blow, impact …).

Virtual reality headsets

This immersion is done using a virtual reality helmet that places a stereoscopic 3D display system on the nose, in front of the eyes.

Some models are equipped with sensors that detect the movements of the head to allow the user to look around. The images are then recalculated in real time to synchronize with the direction of the glance.

Virtual Reality Rooms

There are also virtual reality rooms in which images are projected onto the walls, floor, and ceiling with a motion capture system that adjusts the perspective according to the movements.

Virtual reality and its applications: video games, simulators.

The virtual reality for the general public has grown from 2015 with the arrival of more efficient and affordable helmets. Google played the map of democratization by proposing a cardboard model called Cardboard that is used with a smartphone as a display system.

Several manufacturers including Samsung (Gear VR), HTC (HTC Vive), Sony (PlayStation VR) and Oculus (Oculus Rift) have released headphones with motion sensors mainly for video games and recreational applications. More expensive, they are connected to a computer or a game console.

Virtual reality also has many other applications: training with simulators, treatment of phobias, simulation of surgical procedures, architecture, archeology with the reconstruction of sites, virtual visits of museums, etc.

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March 31, 2017 8:52 am

Overcoming Fear of Flying with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been used in different aspects of lives; from gaming to business down to the medical world. Doctors and Virtual Reality creators have been using this concept in training properly with their professions. Other medical universities are now utilizing virtual reality in providing their students with the best experience. These use VR in simulations of operations, surgeries and even on vein location and on simple pinning of dextrose.

Students who were part of these trials claimed that their first real experience of locating veins and putting in the needle was easy due to the simulation activity. With these, multiple universities used virtual reality in their systems for better student performances on needles or even in giving birth. Virtual Reality has been helpful in the field of medicine and operation since there are particular events where only one chance is given. Furthermore, virtual gaming has been used by the therapist to cure people particularly those who have fears.

VR in Therapies

Aside from business and medicine, Virtual Reality reached the psychological world, aiding in curing people with fears. Fear of heights, fear of slimy things, fear of socializing, and all other fears has been aided with virtual reality. Instead of talking their way out of a certain phobia, the therapist uses virtual reality to let their patients literally face their fears. The first step they do is to prepare their patients by talking about them and their fear. Later on, the therapist will include talking about having their patients experience their fears. Then when they agree, they will go on multiple sessions of virtual reality simulations of their particular fear until they fear it no more.

Socializing with Virtual Reality

One dangerous fear of a person is the fear of socializing with other people. This means that they fear to talk to them, seeing them, and hearing their voices. This particular phobia is either inborn or just a result of a particular experience. According to statistics, almost 80 percent of people who have this fear ended up losing their minds or killing themselves. Families who worried about their ill family member immediately consulted psychologist and therapist regarding with this matter. With virtual reality, socializing with virtual people is possible. They let their patients socialize with virtual people, engage in events, parties, etc.

Travel Fear no more

There are millions of aspiring travelers who opt to stop dreaming of being a traveler due to the fear of heights during airplane travels. Fear of heights can easily be cured by letting people climb mountains or be in skyscrapers, but the problem is how you will convince them into going. With virtual reality, fear of heights will be cured using simulations where the users will experience climbing the tallest mountains, jump in planes, be in skyscrapers, etc. The first ever person who successfully overcame the fear of heights is John Smith. He is a 19-year-old Canadian citizen who traveled to the center of United States of America (land travel) just to seek aid. After his 3 month therapy, he went back to their place riding an airplane and was seated on the window side.

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March 30, 2017 1:47 pm

Future of Gaming - Virtual Reality and Other Trends

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Speaking of another trend aside from virtual reality, augmented reality comes in. These two are compared and contrasted with each other due to their similar concept but opposite in system. Both of them are future forms of gaming that utilize a certain head gear or a device like smartphones, consoles, etc. Virtual Reality creates a virtual environment that people interacts with, putting the real world into a virtual world. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is placing in virtual objects in the real world. The most famous augmented reality game is Pokémon Go, where multiple players and Pokémon fans engage with the game they so long to play. Although there are a lot of suggestions telling game creators to make a virtual reality game of Pokémon that lets the user interact with the cutest and the finest Pokémon characters.

Collaborative Virtual Gaming

Virtual Reality is deemed as the future of gaming soon to be replacing normal games. As technology advances, gaming also goes along with the ride. Another feature of virtual reality gaming that momentarily keeps fans in the bay is the collaborative feature. It allows other users to collaborate with other players either from another side of the world or inside their homes. Just like how 4 players can play on multiplayer games offered in consoles like Xbox, PS4, and others, virtual reality gaming allows multiple players to collaborate using multiple gears. As this particular gaming device is connected to the internet, it allows the users to interact with others users around the world, making it seem like the protocol and the beginning of the Sword Art Online fever.

VR Fashion and Business

Business has been on the next level with the presence of Virtual Reality gears. If you ever thought that virtual reality is only applicable in games, then you are definitely wrong. With the popularity of Virtual Reality gaming, other fields in the business world also took advantage of it. They invested in creating and turning their own products like dresses and clothing into virtual things to allow potential customers to view, wear, and try on their products even from different parts of the globes. This concept is like normal games in gaming sites where you will change the dresses of characters. However, with virtual reality, that character would be the user which allows them to view that product being on them.

VR in filmmaking

Another field where virtual reality currently made changes is the field of filmmaking. Many directors and film creators have been using computer generated concepts and environments in their films. As we all know, impossible things are hard to attain in the real world; professional editors of videos are needed. With virtual reality, using realistic virtual environment along with virtual things that resemble the real world allows filmmakers to be in different places at the same time. They don’t have to spend too much on plane tickets and fares just to create their desired films. With virtual reality, their films will be virtually implanted but will look real due to the realistic concept of the virtual system.

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January 20, 2017 1:37 pm

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality or VR are technologies in a computer that utilizes complex software to create or generate a realistic image, sound, feeling, and some other sensations just like in a real environment. If you are an avid fan of online gaming where almost all things present in there are computer generated, you surely notice the changes of how game makers create the environment. As time passes by, the environments they are creating are, slowly by slowly, turning into a more realistic environment. However, virtual reality is not just like normal games from before. It utilizes a certain component for the eyes and a certain platform for moving along with a speaker in the gaming platform that allows the user to see, walk, hear, and be part of the game they are in.

One popular Virtual Reality game was made by Oculus, to promote further their movie entitled Oculus. This game is a horror type of game where you will walk through different scary and spooky places and will surely let out multiple screams and yells during the game. This particular event made way for virtual reality to get known throughout the whole world, where multiple games got interested in its features. Oculus provided free trials for their games to test the fear of their fans. Their videos posted on social media sites garnered millions of views from people who want to take part in future gaming.

Another popular anime series based on a book and is related to virtual reality is SWO or Sword Art Online. This anime series has already 3 seasons. It is about a particular boy who got trapped in the world of virtual gaming due to the game creators who wanted all the players to die. Although this series may create a certain ounce of fear for soon to be players, those professional players who’re up for some challenges are surely excited to be part of the game.

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