DJI drone manufacturer releases DJI Goggles

A few months ago, drone market leader DJI released a new accessory for its range of amazing unmanned aerial vehicles called DJI Goggles!

DJI Goggles: a VR headset for drones

DJI, the well known manufacturer of drones, has launched an accessory that on paper at least, looks particularly tempting: the DJI Goggles. This helmet simply allows to see through the camera of the drone.

The headset itself contains two screens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 each, which amounts to watching a 216-inch screen at a distance of 3 meters. There’s plenty to take your eyes! The connection between the device and the drone is provided by the OcuSync wireless home transmission system.

Control the camera motion with your head

The quality of the display depends on the distance between the drone and the user. Closer, the video will be in 1080p at 30 frames / second; Later, it will be satisfied with 720p, but in 60 FPS. The latency time is 110 ms and the headset is up to six hours. The device works with the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 drones.

A tactile pad on the side of the helmet controls the flight modes, including the flying wing for the Mavic Pro: it simulates the behavior of an aircraft by flying “only forward”, all accompanying Of an augmented reality trajectory. The movements of the head can also control the Phantom 4 drones, the head becoming the “handle” of the device.

The Goggles will be available from May 20 2017, at the price of 800 dollars roughly! It will be compatible with the new DJI Spark.