Future of Gaming – Virtual Reality and Other Trends

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Speaking of another trend aside from virtual reality, augmented reality comes in. These two are compared and contrasted with each other due to their similar concept but opposite in system. Both of them are future forms of gaming that utilize a certain head gear or a device like smartphones, consoles, etc. Virtual Reality creates a virtual environment that people interacts with, putting the real world into a virtual world. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is placing in virtual objects in the real world. The most famous augmented reality game is Pokémon Go, where multiple players and Pokémon fans engage with the game they so long to play. Although there are a lot of suggestions telling game creators to make a virtual reality game of Pokémon that lets the user interact with the cutest and the finest Pokémon characters.

Collaborative Virtual Gaming

Virtual Reality is deemed as the future of gaming soon to be replacing normal games. As technology advances, gaming also goes along with the ride. Another feature of virtual reality gaming that momentarily keeps fans in the bay is the collaborative feature. It allows other users to collaborate with other players either from another side of the world or inside their homes. Just like how 4 players can play on multiplayer games offered in consoles like Xbox, PS4, and others, virtual reality gaming allows multiple players to collaborate using multiple gears. As this particular gaming device is connected to the internet, it allows the users to interact with others users around the world, making it seem like the protocol and the beginning of the Sword Art Online fever.

VR Fashion and Business

Business has been on the next level with the presence of Virtual Reality gears. If you ever thought that virtual reality is only applicable in games, then you are definitely wrong. With the popularity of Virtual Reality gaming, other fields in the business world also took advantage of it. They invested in creating and turning their own products like dresses and clothing into virtual things to allow potential customers to view, wear, and try on their products even from different parts of the globes. This concept is like normal games in gaming sites where you will change the dresses of characters. However, with virtual reality, that character would be the user which allows them to view that product being on them.

VR in filmmaking

Another field where virtual reality currently made changes is the field of filmmaking. Many directors and film creators have been using computer generated concepts and environments in their films. As we all know, impossible things are hard to attain in the real world; professional editors of videos are needed. With virtual reality, using realistic virtual environment along with virtual things that resemble the real world allows filmmakers to be in different places at the same time. They don’t have to spend too much on plane tickets and fares just to create their desired films. With virtual reality, their films will be virtually implanted but will look real due to the realistic concept of the virtual system.