How virtual reality will revolutionize the way you play sports

Virtual reality has many possibilities of use, but we rarely mention one of them that is the sport. Yes, although most people commonly associate RV with entertainment or play, it can help you stay fit, stay active and even train without stepping foot in a gym or on a sports field.

You can play sports in virtual reality

You may remember that the Nintendo Wii and its controllers triggered a craze for fitness at the time, but virtual reality takes it to the next level with more immersive environments and more accurate tracking. In 2017, the overweight player Job Stauffer attributed an impressive 22 kg of weight loss to his favorite VR game, Soundboxing, for 5 months. After trying it myself, I understand how virtual reality will revolutionize the way we do sport.

Good for head and body

It’s always hard to get into a sports routine because I find fitness room environments rather daunting. I prefer to exercise at home in my spare time, but repetitive movements in front of the wall or on television are still a chore.

Hardware equipment for virtual reality can be expensive, but if you have it, it eliminates some psychological barriers to exercise. Has it ever been difficult to motivate yourself to run out during the cold, rainy winter months? Put on your headset and move around in the warmth of your living room.

VR sports clubs

For some people, having the right company can be an essential motivating factor when it comes to getting into shape. Your favorite tennis partner or other sports buddies are moving abroad, and now you can’t train together? Many RV sports can be played online with friends, and social spaces in RVs often include simple sports games such as a table tennis equivalent.

Even the pros do it

There isn’t perhaps a better argument for the effectiveness of virtual reality in sport and fitness than its adoption by the professional athletes on whom its livelihood depends. Yes, as incredible as it may seem, VR has been used incredibly effectively to help athletes train.
STRIV is a pioneer in the VR field. The company offers virtual reality training in many professional areas, including sports.

VR sport does not exempt from “real” sport

Of course, as exciting as virtual reality sport is, RV sport does not provide traditional physical activity. Until the equipment is more affordable, running outside is still a more economical solution.

Nevertheless, if you have wanted to do more exercise, but continue to delay it because it seems too dull, socially awkward or uncomfortable, you may find that virtual reality can add that factor of pleasure and stimulation that makes you move and motivate.