Overcoming Fear of Flying with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been used in different aspects of lives; from gaming to business down to the medical world. Doctors and Virtual Reality creators have been using this concept in training properly with their professions. Other medical universities are now utilizing virtual reality in providing their students with the best experience. These use VR in simulations of operations, surgeries and even on vein location and on simple pinning of dextrose.

Students who were part of these trials claimed that their first real experience of locating veins and putting in the needle was easy due to the simulation activity. With these, multiple universities used virtual reality in their systems for better student performances on needles or even in giving birth. Virtual Reality has been helpful in the field of medicine and operation since there are particular events where only one chance is given. Furthermore, virtual gaming has been used by the therapist to cure people particularly those who have fears.

VR in Therapies

Aside from business and medicine, Virtual Reality reached the psychological world, aiding in curing people with fears. Fear of heights, fear of slimy things, fear of socializing, and all other fears has been aided with virtual reality. Instead of talking their way out of a certain phobia, the therapist uses virtual reality to let their patients literally face their fears. The first step they do is to prepare their patients by talking about them and their fear. Later on, the therapist will include talking about having their patients experience their fears. Then when they agree, they will go on multiple sessions of virtual reality simulations of their particular fear until they fear it no more.

Socializing with Virtual Reality

One dangerous fear of a person is the fear of socializing with other people. This means that they fear to talk to them, seeing them, and hearing their voices. This particular phobia is either inborn or just a result of a particular experience. According to statistics, almost 80 percent of people who have this fear ended up losing their minds or killing themselves. Families who worried about their ill family member immediately consulted psychologist and therapist regarding with this matter. With virtual reality, socializing with virtual people is possible. They let their patients socialize with virtual people, engage in events, parties, etc.

Travel Fear no more

There are millions of aspiring travelers who opt to stop dreaming of being a traveler due to the fear of heights during airplane travels. Fear of heights can easily be cured by letting people climb mountains or be in skyscrapers, but the problem is how you will convince them into going. With virtual reality, fear of heights will be cured using simulations where the users will experience climbing the tallest mountains, jump in planes, be in skyscrapers, etc. The first ever person who successfully overcame the fear of heights is John Smith. He is a 19-year-old Canadian citizen who traveled to the center of United States of America (land travel) just to seek aid. After his 3 month therapy, he went back to their place riding an airplane and was seated on the window side.