Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality or VR are technologies in a computer that utilizes complex software to create or generate a realistic image, sound, feeling, and some other sensations just like in a real environment. If you are an avid fan of online gaming where almost all things present in there are computer generated, you surely notice the changes of how game makers create the environment. As time passes by, the environments they are creating are, slowly by slowly, turning into a more realistic environment. However, virtual reality is not just like normal games from before. It utilizes a certain component for the eyes and a certain platform for moving along with a speaker in the gaming platform that allows the user to see, walk, hear, and be part of the game they are in.

One popular Virtual Reality game was made by Oculus, to promote further their movie entitled Oculus. This game is a horror type of game where you will walk through different scary and spooky places and will surely let out multiple screams and yells during the game. This particular event made way for virtual reality to get known throughout the whole world, where multiple games got interested in its features. Oculus provided free trials for their games to test the fear of their fans. Their videos posted on social media sites garnered millions of views from people who want to take part in future gaming.

Another popular anime series based on a book and is related to virtual reality is SWO or Sword Art Online. This anime series has already 3 seasons. It is about a particular boy who got trapped in the world of virtual gaming due to the game creators who wanted all the players to die. Although this series may create a certain ounce of fear for soon to be players, those professional players who’re up for some challenges are surely excited to be part of the game.