Virtual Realty: Application for Our Homes

singVisiting a hotel, an apartment, choosi a car … in a helmet or a case. Virtual reality is no longer a gadget: it is now an argument to convince consumers

The entrance is bright. A small corridor leads to the living room. On each side, doors. On the right are those of the bedroom and the bathroom. To the left, the toilets. I am visiting a two-room apartment in New York that is not yet out of the ground.

How? With a virtual reality headset.

a vr headset kitAs the apartment is furnished and decorated, it allows to realize the volume and the place. The American kitchen opened on the living room and its large gray sofa makes you want to stroll there. The spacious bedroom with its dark parquet floor and dressing room makes you want to sleep. After about a dozen minutes, the tour ends. I get disoriented, almost nauseous. Difficult to escape from a virtual world to come back to reality, the real one.

Relooking a house using virtual reality.

Like many home renovation companies such as Ikea, other companies have decided to embark on the virtual and augmented reality wagon to reinvent interior design.

Visualizing the house of one’s dreams with only the imagination and the ability to convey to architects and designers what one imagines can represent a real challenge that some companies hope to simplify through virtual reality.

Decorilla is an American company that has decided to bet everything in advanced technologies to design the interiors of its customers. After sending photographers to take pictures of the parts to be reworked and discussed with the customer’s ideas, the company will build 3D vision of it and then send it a simple email containing the final rendering. The buyer has only to put on his glasses of virtual reality and observe by himself the rendering and thus to realize whether it corresponds to his expectations, and if it is the case, is it That his vision was the right one.

House VR Cleaning?

I know cleaning your house is a boring chore than not a lot of us enjoy these days especially when working all day and with only 2 free days left over the weekend!

But imagine for a second, being able to visualize in advance how you are going the clean your home and arrange the spacing with the help of amazing VR. Pretty cool?

A lot of businesses are developing smart Apps to help their clients with the home cleaning needs. For example, let’s say you need to hire the services of a cleaning company to pressure or steam clean your outdoor area or your interior space. With the help of VR technology, companies will be able to assess your area and thus allowing them to give you the most accurate quote possible for the job!

imagine controlling a vaccum cleaner through a VR headset
Imagine controlling a vacuum cleaner through a VR headset